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New Carpet? New Underlay!

Underlay is vital for your new floor covering to sit properly and wear evenly.

Underlay Types

PU (polyurethane) foam Underlays

PU Foam Carpet Underlay is a relatively new concept in Carpet Underlay manufacture and has been extremely successful in recent years because these carpet underlays offer the ultimate levels of luxury and comfort with superb carpet wear protection and appearance retention. These carpet underlays are also Environmentally Friendly as they are mainly produced from recycled foam from the furniture industry. PU underlay is formed under pressure and heat to produce a dense, resilient yet light-weight underlay with an excellent underfoot feel. They have superior thermal resistance and excellent acoustic properties. These underlays are also recyclable after use, alleviating the problem of landfill. We use Interfloor Sensation an 11mm Ultra High Density underlay.

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Sponge Rubber Underlay

The most popular underlay, available in flat or waffle. Waffled Rubber and Flat profiled Rubber Carpet Underlay's are favoured widely in the UK by the major Carpet Retailers and are suitable for all areas in your home. Ranging in thickness and weight these luxury types of Rubber Underlay have been extremely popular over the last 30 years and are the best-selling type of Carpet Underlay in Europe.

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Combination Felt & Crumb

A rubber crumb base with a felt top layer offers a good combination of protection, durability and comfort. It also allows carpet with seaming to bed into the top felt. We use Super Velvet, a 12mm triple-layer product made from 80% pure wool fibres, bonded to a recycled rubber crumb base, providing the perfect combination underlay. Giving you the ultimate in Warmth, Luxury & Comfort, Performance and insulation. 3.00 togs.

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Crumb Rubber

Crumb Rubber Carpet Underlays are flat, firm and suitable for the heaviest domestic use as well as contract applications. Crumb Rubber Carpet Underlay's offer the ultimate in carpet wear protection all around the home, against furniture indentation marks and premature wear on stair nosings often associated with softer Carpet Underlay. Some are designed for use where a single or double stick installation are required. We use the following, System 10, Durafit, Heatflow Underlay, Timbermate excel.

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