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Where you buy is as important as what you buy. Carpet is a complicated purchase. As well as advice on colour and design, suitability, fibres and a guide to price, you need to know you are getting fair and impartial advice; that your chosen retailer is reputable; that you will get a written quotation; that if you pay a deposit your money is safe; what happens if things go wrong?

But how do you know that certain retailers are better than others and employ the best-selling practices? The answer is to look no further than your nearest Registered Specialist Retailer. Registered Specialists are a national network of over 1000 of the top independent carpet retailers. Steeped in carpet retailing, they will offer expert advice on measuring and estimating, product suitability and selection and underlay and fitting. Committed to the highest standards of retailing, they follow the Carpet Foundation Consumer Code of Practice that has secured Office of Fair Trading Approval. Exclusively adopted by Registered Specialists, the Office of Fair Trading Approved Code of Practice guarantees you:

  • Expert and impartial advice - no sales patter just sound advice
  • Written Terms of Business - so you know where you stand
  • Written quotations - so no nasty surprises when it comes to the invoice
  • Deposit protection - your money is safe whatever happens
  • Extended guarantees on Carpet Foundation manufacturers products
  • Cancellation of orders on 'reasonable' grounds
  • Agreed complaints resolution procedures
  • Free conciliation
  • Low cost arbitration
  • Ongoing independent monitoring to ensure compliance

Registered Specialists

Registered Specialists offer a completely new standard for selling practices in the UK flooring market. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, not only do they know all the questions you should be asking, but they also have the answers! A Registered Specialist can teach you a lot about carpet - and that is certainly better than learning the hard way! Their inherited know-how that goes into every aspect of their service is their greatest asset.

Whatever your flooring needs are, call in to see us. We'll be pleased to help no matter how large or small your enquiry.

Samples can be brought to your home for a free, no obligation quote. Colours and styles can be put against your furnishings and fabrics to ensure the best possible match. Remember, colour is reflected light and will react with other colours. The colours you chose will only look, as they should when seen in your own room.

Whether domestic or commercial work in Carpet, Naturals, Linoleum, Rubber, Vinyl or Wood, MEH Flooring provides a wide range of choices in an extensive range of products backed up by experienced staff helping customers to find the products that suit their needs.

If you find buying carpets a chore then you have come to the right place because we make it easy by giving our customers the red carpet treatment.

For the best results carpet and other floor coverings should be installed professionally: MEH Flooring only use professional fitters.

M.E.H Company

Visit our showroom in the city centre on Pink Lane or call us today on the number above to speak to a member of our expert team.

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